„Hullacsarnok ez, ahol se meghalni, se föltámadni nem tudnak a hullák”
(Ady: Nagy lopások bűne)

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2009. január 18., vasárnap

Wolfsberg JazzFest (2)

International four day jazz festival in the Banat County Mountains. It takes place each summer in the west of Transilvania, in the Wolfsberg (Szörényordas in Hungarian, Gărâna in Romanian) Village. Biggest Open Air festival in Romania, cca. 5000 people in the audience.

Wolfsberg can be found about 10 km's of mountain-driving from Reşiţa (120 km's from Temesvár, Timişoara). The surrounding of the festival is beautiful, the wooden booths etc., erected just for the festival weekend, are incredible, the stage, lights and sound are professional, the organizeres are nice and everybody speaks English (and most everybody speaks German and many knows Hungarian too).

The audience is large (there were maybe 5000 people and all of them came only because of the event, staying in tents, private houses, pansions) and they were not only enthusiastic, but also knowledgeable. There was TV, radio, thus pretty good media coverage. The organizers, Jazz Banat Cultural Foundation and its president, Marius Giura from Temesvár, did a good job.

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